What is odr?

odr is a best-selling range of organic, non-toxic, foodgrade odour neutralisers using bio-degradable essential oils collected from sustainable resources. By working in 5 ways, odr odour neutraliser offers comprehensive and highly effective odour neutralisation which actually breaks down and removes odours from the air, rather than masking them, or hiding them with surfactant technology. There is a type of odr for every application (see overleaf for details of the full range).

When used Air Spectrum's odour control systrms, the appropriate odr from the range is efficiently atomised to produce a very fine mist. The mist interacts with the odour particles for a sufficient time to neutralise them. Having absorbed the odorous components, odr breaks down the molecular structure to form harmless, nonvolatile salts that degrade naturally.

The non-toxic and food-grade nature of odr allows it to be used both in outdoor environments and within buildings. It is harmless to humans and animals and will not cause irritation or health complaints.

More Details about Odr Neutralising Additive